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   Welcome to CMAF      What's on the CMAF site?
We have switched hosts and are rebuilding the site.  Here's what the pages contain at present.....
Welcome to CMAF is where you first landed.  Its the Homepage and gives the reader an insight to our program and mission.  It also contains an e-mail link with which you may contact CMAF.
What's on the CMAF site is the page you are now on.  It's kind of an informational guide to the various pages, just in case you are looking for something in particular!
The Art of Cha Yun-do ... coming soon
CMAF Mission  .... coming soon
CMAF Philosophy ... coming soon
CMAF Statement of Faith ... coming soon
Are Christian Martial Arts Scriptural is an expose' on the false belief held by many folks that they ARE NOT.  It is, of course, our postion based on the Bible and a study of their "history" that they are quite scriptural.  A book by Dr. Young on this subject is in the draft stages.